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Silent Wave by Uwue

It’s amazing how we are able to connect music to the settings that surround us in our everyday lives. Whether it’s through digital media or physical beauty, there is certain music that is simply enhanced by or enhances things we observe. What would the major motion picture “Friday Night Lights” be without the inspiring soundtrack of Explosions In the Sky? Would the film hit as hard without the melodic post-rock sound? In my opinion, probably not. Some people out there may find it immature that my geographic surroundings control what I choose to listen to throughout my days, personally I believe that’s just how it should be. In my home town of Austin TX the sun has began to peak out of the clouds and the temperature has risen moderately to a steady 75 degrees. The season of Sprummer (the transition from Spring to Summer) has taken over, and  I couldn’t be any happier sitting outside under the oak trees writing about this wonderful new song from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania band Uwue. Silent Wave is a sweet, tender piano driven tune that everyone should be listening to outside, in the sun, or under a tree. Front-man Caleb Cossick’s high, falsetto vocals are truly a breath of fresh air as they command the slow, lush piano progression. A steady backing drum beat, and bass-line complete what is one of the most addicting songs I’ve heard this entire year. To fully appreciate the beauty behind Silent Wave, you must put yourself in a bright, natural setting in order to feel the true connection between Cossick’s plush creation and the rich liveliness that Spring presents. So go to Uwue’s bandcamp, download the It’s All Lore/Silent Wave 7” and chill with the sun, flowers, trees, and maybe even your cute, local forest animals.
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