Monthly Archives: June 2013

Foreign Bodies by Radiation City

Finding a fun, yet average beach-pop jam isn’t a hard task at all these days. The ratio of songs from the genre I end up returning to and devote my listening time to is pretty bad, but I absolutely cherish the songs that stick to me through the summer months. “Foreign Bodies” is one of those special summer songs that deserves to be cherished and not end up in the internet’s never-ending garbage pit of music. The Portland lads of Radiation City obviously know the winning beach-pop formula, and implement it perfectly on their new LP “Animals In The Median” by throwing in sweet harmonic vocals, plenty of 60’s jangle, and classic Beach Boy’s inspired keyboard chords. The band also makes a great inclusion of psychedelic synth sounds that are beautifully nested into their simplistic ode to sunshine, which truly lifts their sound to new heights above many fellow beach-poppers. Hats off to this group for making music that is just as appropriate to listen to while chilling in a vibrant extraterrestrial oasis, than while chilling on the warm sands of that perfect beach hideaway spot. Hell, it’s the perfect music to listen to while walking amongst the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas (see below).

– Brendon H.