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Surface Terms – Ancient Babes

Too chill y’all. Ancient Babes, remember the name.

Surfing Saxophone


Ever since Toronto producer Sam King aka Ancient Babes sent me one of his first tracks, the excellent “Malcolm X In The Middle”, I’ve been anticipating his future projects like no other. On “Malcolm X”, Ancient Babes gave us a spaced out, slow burning synthesizer track that really reminded me of something David Lynch would have his hands on. Now we have “Surface Terms”, a tender synth ballad that is just so rewarding on the ears. You probably think I’m over-exaggerating as usual but seriously, it’s that good. My only complaint is that it’s a little too short. If “Surface Terms” existed somewhere as a place, I would pack my shit and move there as quickly as possible, and ultimately chill with my stoner hoody on forever.  There’s a DOWNLOAD button here! Get it and share with your friends, because there’s no doubt in my mind that this is…

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Minutes – Nick Williams feat. Mikey & PeejCapeesh

ATX locals Nick Williams, Mikey, and Peej Capeesh on the mic.

Surfing Saxophone

Nick Williams
ATX based rappers Nick Williams, Mikey, and PeejCapeesh connect soulfully on “Minutes”, rapping over a beat by Brooklyn producer BuddahSPK. All three flaunt their skills by flowing effortlessly over laid-back, horn filled, boom bap production. In a town that’s not significantly well known for it’s bar spittin’ underground hip-hop scene, Austin best be on the look-out for this young crew in the near future.

Listen to another hungry track, “ViiBE2”, from the trio here.

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Elevate (John Wizards Remix) – St. Lucia

John Wizards remixing St. Lucia. Ooh Kill em

Surfing Saxophone

Was tropical pop due to emerge in the indie-underground music universe? Probably. Back in ’09, did these neo-tropical pop artists simply takes notes on classic chillwave releases from Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Small Black, Neon Indian, Panda Bear, etc. and simply wait for their opportunity to jump onto this emerging electronic entity? Maybe. But it’s no coincidence that two new trop-pop stars are gaining ground and setting a new standard for the progressive genre. I’m talking about St. Lucia and John Wizards. St. Lucia first caught my attention very recently on the super underrated Kitsune America 1 & 2 compilation, and John Wizards’ blissful afro-pop compositions were essential tracks for late summer nights. The good news is that both artists have outstanding 2013 releases: St. Lucia – When The Night via Neon Gold Records, and John Wizards – ST  via Planet Mu Records. Here we have the remix of St…

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Rapper’s Delight: 5 Cut$ U Prbly Missed

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Long Pinky — Beautiful Lou feat. Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF 

The final song from Adult Swim’s 2013 singles program features Action Bronson and RiFF RAFF rapping over production by Beautiful Lou (Trilla – A$AP Rocky).

Set the Scene — P.R feat. Skyzoo & Substantial 

Australian producer P.R releases his follow-up to last year’s Introspection EP with his new EP, Moment in Time. The Nujabes (R.I.P.) influenced producer leads it off with “Set the Scene;” hooking up again with frequent Nujabes collaborator, Substantial and underground veteran Skyzoo.

Virgin — Gucci Mane feat. Young Dolph & Young Thug 

Fresh off his August release of  World War 3, which featured three mixtapes: Lean, Gas, and Molly; Gucci Mane dropped yet another mixtape, Diary of a Trap God, earlier this month in the middle of a public meltdown on twitter. Young Dolph manages the best verse in…

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Opinion: What is punk?

Mr. Ricks has something to say about the definition of “Punk”. Agree? Disagree? and Why? Comment or tweet to let us know!

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What is punk? It’s a question that’s formed the backbone of many redundant documentaries, intoxicated late night conversations, snobby record store employee ideologies, and modern age twitter shit-slinging—it’s a question that feels absurdly unanswerable yet dangerously tangible, and it’s a question that will never, ever find a permanent solution. However, punk’s frustrating ambiguity should not go without analysis. Punk and its ethics are vital sources of innovation within the music community and the world as a whole—it’d be a musical sin to remain ignorant on the subject.

First off, punk is an ideology, not a fashion. Billy Bragg once said, “Were it not for the Clash, punk would have just been a sneer, a safety pin, and pair of bondage trousers.” It’s a statement that hopefully rings true in most punks’ ears. The Clash politicized punk and gave it a purpose. After “White Riot,” the image of Sid Vicious didn’t…

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Austin’s Finest: Screenwriter

Please checkout and support Screenwriter. Awesome guy and the music ain’t bad, in fact it’s fucking great.

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The title, “live music capital of the world’ has proved to be a double-edged sword for Austin, Texas. On one hand, it’s an effective honorific that attracts young artists to the city and fosters a musical community. But on the other hand, the phrase creates a particular anxiety that can be summarized best by Spiderman’s Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Austin has a lot of weight on its shoulders.

For a young artist, moving to such a musically renown city like Austin is as wonderful and awe-inspiring as it is terrifying. I recently spoke with Austin-based producer, Screenwriter about migrating from Dallas to Austin and how the city can be a daunting factor in music production.

Screenwriter is a University of Texas film student turned DJ that builds ethereal electronic music out of literary frameworks. During his senior year of high school, the producer fostered an appreciation for ambient electronica. Beginning with essential artists…

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Surfing Saxophone Presents: Songs to Smoke Cigarettes to

Download this shizz and get sloppy #SurfThatSax #RocknRoll

Surfing Saxophone


These songs go well with cigarettes.

1. Banned From The Block – Liquor Store
2. Down the Lane – Royal Headache
3. Shame Walkin’ – Natural Child
4. Graveyard – Dead Moon
5. You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down -James + Bobby Purify
6. Cats & Dogs – The Tough Shits
7. Social Atoms – Dune Rats
8. Cruisers – Fluffy Lumbers
9. Oogum Boogum – Brenton Wood
10. Sweet Operator(Talkin’ on the Telephone) – Wyatt Blair
11. Drugs Drugs Drugs (Version 2) – Tonetta
12. Drugs – Black Lips
13. You Belong With Me – Adam Lampel & the Heartbeats
14. Rocks Off – The Rolling Stones
15. Please Don’t Say My Name – Travis Bretzer
16. Love & Alcohol – Pangea
17. Seen Your Video – The Replacements
18. Ain’t Gonna Bump No More – Joe Tex

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