A Wintertime Bildungsroman by Surfing Saxophone

A Winter-themed mix-tape for those cold days

Surfing Saxophone


This is a build-your-own wintertime bildungsroman. Its rhetoric, music. Fill in the details with a listen.

[Part 1] Great Expectations: Our Hero Slams the Screen Door and Skips Town

1. bergen county farewell – glenn jones

2. golden wake – mutual benefit

3. motel Blues – alex chilton

[Part 2] The Dangers of Measuring Life with a Coffee Spoon: Our Hero is Forced Out into the Cold

4. posthumous release – coma cinema

5. new you – chris cappello

6. kid – still life still

[Part 3] The Tramping of a Perpetual Journey: Our Hero Wanders Through a Country Ass Town 

7. lazerburn – jesse woods

8. sycamore – bill callahan

9. a higher power – jens lekman

[Part 4] Love that Passeth Understanding: Our Hero Eradicates the Scary Cold

10. seenmr – shipwreck

11. girl at the bus stop – my drug hell

12. stay inside – teen mom

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