Best Songs of 2012

25. It Ain’t Over by Shad

Because no other hip-hop song was this soulful and redemptive.

24. Let’s Start Over Again by The White Wires

Because women can be anybody’s problem– even garage punk badasses.

23. River by Pangea

Because this is the catchiest rock n’ roll song of 2012.

22. Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware

Because Jessie Ware’s voice has the ability to cure any terminal illness.

21. AWWWKWAARRRDDD by FIDLAR feat. Kate Nash

Because being awkward has never been this cool.

20. Grown Up by Danny Brown

Because Danny Brown gets it. 

19. I’m God by Clams Casino

Because no other producer changed the sound of electronic music as drastically as Clams.

18. Sorry by T.I. feat. Andre 3000

Because Andre is still just as crispy as he was in 2003.

17. Higher Ground by TNGHT

Because no other song of 2012 was this loud and obnoxiously addicting.

16. Turn It Around by The Men

Because The Men are never afraid to make their own album.

15. Thinkin Bout You (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg) by Frank Ocean

Because this song changed the scruffy barista into a flashy stockbroker. And this is the best remix of 2012.

14. With Just One Glance by Nicolas Jaar feat. Scout LaRue

Because the saxophone is finally cool again.

13. There He Go by Schoolboy Q

Because Schoolboy is arguably one of the thuggest, dirtiest, and hardworking rappers out there.

12. Work It Out by Twerps

Because nostalgic beach noodling is never this confident and beautiful.

11. Heaven by The Walkmen

Because these guys obviously shop at J. Crew. Oh, and they’re responsible for one of the best songs of the year.

10. Fuckin’ Problem by A$AP Rocky feat. 2 Chainz, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar

Because this song is applauded at the hipster bar, the fraternity house, Compton, and suburbia.

9. Make It Known by Foxygen

Because Ray Davies, Lou Reed, and Sgt. Pepper would be proud.

8. Wait by Airhead

Because this is one of the few abstract instrumentals that didn’t fall victim to 2012’s pretentious production.

7. Same Love by Macklemore feat. Mary Lambert

Because gay rights activism has never been so eloquently spoken in music as in “Same Love”.

6. Reagan by Killer Mike

Because no other hip-hop song sounds like a Harvard history professor’s lecture.

5. Song For Zula by Phosphorescent

Because this band has never sounded so eager to change the world.

4. The Fall by Rhye

Because the new xx album was underwhelming.

3. Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar

Because party music has never been this good. Ever.

2. High Fantasy by Lace Curtains

Because Austin is the best city in the world.

1. Climax by Usher

Because conception has nearly tripled since this song’s release.



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